Increase Your Work Output and Provide Safety for Your Employees 
 with Equipment and Systems manufactured by BGRS, Inc.


We are located off Beltway 8 (North Sam Houston Parkway) in North-West Houston. Our manufacturing plant measures 300' x 65' and is equipped with two overhead bridge cranes that can lift 40,000# combined.

We design and manufacture standard "BGRS" products including Double Dump Valves and Portable Dust Collectors. The portable dust collectors are purchased or rented for dust control in remote or temporary solids handling transfer systems, or where ventillation is needed to provide negative air in a containment, a number of air-changes in a facility or containment, or air-flow for visibility and comfort to a worker in a contained area.

BGRS, Inc., originally founded as Blast Grit Recovery Systems in 1976, has provided custom designed Equipment Systems, Abrasive air-blast rooms with Ventillation Systems and Blast Grit Recovery Systems, Ductwork and Double Dump Valves for industry.

BGRS, Inc. has provided many solids handling systems through the years for Sludge Storage and Stabilization, Lime Storage and Feed Systems to produce Lime Slurry, and Bulk Material Sizing Systems.

We design and manufacture Air Supported Belt Conveyors and support structures for Airbelt, Inc. as well as skids, non-code vessels and silos on a custom order basis.

Through the years, BGRS has taken pride in high rates of successful start-ups of equipment systems for various entities in industry. Please call or email us with your requirements.